Wersja angielska

Zamieszczamy wersję programu w języku angielskim. To na zamówienie tych słuchaczy, których szefami są obcokrajowcy, a którzy to szefowie chcieliby wiedzieć, czego się uczą ich podwładni.

Postgraduate Studies of Modern Promotion

Economic Conditions of Promotional Campaigns

  1. Selected Aspects of Micro- and Macroeconomics
  2. Promotion Placement in Modern Marketing
  3. External and Internal Factors of Promotion
  4. Media Evolution – Influence on Promotion Strategy
  5. Media Market in Poland

Psychological and Cultural Factors of Successful Promotion

  1. Psychology of Consumer Behaviour
  • Perception Processes
  • Rational vs Emotional Message
  • Emotions in Promotional Messages
  • Motivation Mechanisms
  • Social Influence Mechanisms

2. Cultural Aspects of Promotion

  • Influence of Social Changes on Promotional Activities
  • Net Generation – Today’s or Tomorrow’s Target Group
  • Globally or Locally – Significance of Cultural Factors on Modern Markets

Promotion as Brand Value Building Instrument

  1. Role of Brands in Modern Marketing
  2. Marketing Activities In Brand Attributes Building Strategies
  3. Brand-Based Customer Value Delivery
  4. Brand Attributes Building Marketing Communication

Planning an Integrated Promotion

  1. Promotion Objectives – Communication vs Sales
  2. Marketing Research and Promotion
  • Significance and Limitations of Promotional Research
  • Initial Research Risks
  • Research of Hidden Attitudes – Projective and Neuropsychological Methods
  • Strategy Execution and Evaluation
    • Strategy Execution – Concept and Initial Message Research
    • Strategy Evaluation – Pretests
  • Campaign Strategy Formulation – Exploration Research
  • Media Research – Opportunities and Limitations
  • Promotion Effectiveness and Efficiency Postevaluation

3. Budgeting – Methods and Issues

Message Formulation

  1. Creative Assumptions vs Promotion Objectives
  2. Standard and Non-Standard Media
  3. Message Formulation Rules in Different Media
  4. Message and Media Interdependence as Key Success Factor in Promotion – Case Studies

Message Placement in Media – Media Planning

  1. Characteristics of Mass Media (indicators, media buying, payment models) – TV, Press, Radio, Outdoor, Internet
  2. Promotional Campaign Planning – Workshops

Nonstandard Brand Promotion Instruments

  1. Advergaming
  2. Product Placement
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Informal Communication (Word of mouth marketing, Trendsetting, Viral Marketing)
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Mobile marketing

Promotional Activities Supporting Advertising Activities

  1. Public Relations and Sponsorship
  2. Direct Marketing
  3. Sales Promotions

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Promotion

1. Legal Limitations of Promotion

  • Intellectual Property
  • Advertising Law
  • Internet Law Concerning Promotional Activities

2. Social Functions of Mass Media
3. Ethics of Promotion